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If you still have not submitted your 2020 benchmarking data, submit your report by February 1st in order to avoid an additional penalty. This deadline applies to all buildings on the 2021 NYC Benchmarking Covered Buildings List.

Need help? Contact the NYC Sustainability Help Center at or 212-566-5584.

City Hall has approved a measure to rezone SoHo and NoHo in a monumental re-evaluation. Residential zoning will now be permitted where Artist in Residence Certification was previously required. This means that previously protected Artists spaces will no longer be the only spaces allowed. Artists who are already certified will be allowed to keep their certification, but those needing to convert a building will have to pay into an Arts Fund.

The proposal, which was first introduced in 2015, aims to create about 3,500 new apartment units, about 900 of which will be designated as Mandatory Inclusionary Housing, and allows for the development of new buildings as tall as 27-stories in some areas around Broadway and Canal Street. The measure also "removes obsolete regulations that hurt small businesses and introduces sensible use rules that recognize its status as a major economic engine and retail destination." By doing this, the City hopes to pair small business start ups with physical store-fronts that are currently vacant due to unclear and patchwork zoning rules and variances.

Converting a previously building from Joint-Living Work Quarters to General Residence use will cost $100/square foot to the Arts Fund and require you to file an Alt 1. Click here to read all the details.

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Beginning in the new year, owners of parking structures in New York City will be required to hire a licensed NYS engineer to inspect each structure at least once every six years. Per the DOB, the inspection must cover:

• buildings, or portions of a building, used for parking or storing motor vehicles, including space inside or under a building

• open parking garages and enclosed parking garages as defined in the NYC Building Code.

Exceptions to this requirement include:

• autobody and automotive repair shops, automotive showrooms, and automotive service stations

• garages with occupancy of fewer than three cars

• unenclosed, unattached outdoor parking lots

• private garages serving one- and two-family homes.

The first inspection cycle is proposed to last January 1st 2022 until December 31st 2023, and will focus on specific structures located in Community Districts 1-7 in Manhattan. To find out what Community District your properties are in, click here.

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