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New Tenant Protection Plan (TPP) Requirements

The DOB has instituted some changes to transfer some of the responsibility of the TPP-1 (Tenant Protection Plan) from architects to contractors. Beginning today, November 10th, 2020, the TPP must be prepared by the registered design professional (RDP) that is retained by the General Contractor rather than by the RDP themselves.  

As a result, the TPP1 and PW2 forms have been changed to add a statement certifying that the TPP submitted by the RDP coordinates with the scope of work intended.

The exceptions to the change are if work is taking place in occupied 1- or 2- family homes, or if "work limited to the interior of a single dwelling unit of an occupied multiple dwelling with no disruption to the essential services of other units, where the dwelling unit is owner-occupied."

See the original service update here.

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