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DOB NOW: Build to Go into Effect December 28th

On November 24th, 2020 the Department of Buildings announced plans to undergo a major expansion and upgrade of the DOB Now: Build later this year.

These changes are set to go into affect on Monday December 28th.

The changes include the creation and reclassification of new work types, General Construction (GC), Foundation (FO), Earthwork (EA), Support of Excavation (SE), and Protection & Mechanical Methods (PM), which will need to be submitted via the new DOB NOW portal.

Phase Two of the expansion will include changes to Certificate of Occupancies and Job Types, and will be rolled out later this winter.

Ahead of these changes, the DOB is still providing free online training on the new features. All licensed professionals will need to be fully vetted and registered by the time the changes are implemented in order to file any applications.

For all the details visit the Service Notice.

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