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DOB NOW: Build Phase II Overhauls CO Process

After a rocky start to the new DOB NOW: Build system earlier this year, the DOB has unveiled Phase II of the ongoing DOB NOW: Build going into effect at the end of the month.

All open Alt 1 projects that are currently renewing the TCO and New Building applications preparing for their first TCO will have to be refiled through the new system. Thereafter, TCO's will no longer exist on the DOB BIS site and will need to be renewed through the new site.

Going forward, any job that must obtain a TCO or Final CO must retain the services of a licensed professional to register the property with the DOB NOW site.

The Phase II expansion will also affect CO and TCO filings.

The DOB is offering free trainings to help those impacted by these changes. You can register here. You can find the original service update here.

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