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DOB NOW: Build Changes in Effect March 1st

Effective March 1, 2021, the DOB has initiated a new TCO/ Final C of O issuance process. The DOB will no longer renew or issue C of O’s through the current job filing system. All currently open jobs are required to be re-filed in order to establish the Schedule of Occupancy (formerly known as Schedule A) listing for the building in the new DOB NOW: Build filing system.

We will work with you and your applicants (RA/PE) to transition as smoothly as possible into the new system.

Both owner and applicant are required to participate in this filing and are required to be registered in this new system. If you or your applicant have not yet registered, please click the link here to do so now.

We do anticipate major delays and system overloads in TCO issuances, as the new system is switching for every open C of O in all 5 boroughs simultaneously.

We thank you for your patience while we work to familiarize ourselves with these changes as quickly as possible.

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