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How can I get my violation dismissed or cured?

Getting a violation dismissed depends on the type of violation you have. Some of the most common violations are ECB/OATH Violations and PVT Violations.


To cure an ECB/OATH Violation, you must correct the issue, submit a Certificate of Correction, and follow the other instructions listed (paying fine, etc). 


To cure a hazardous Elevator (PVT) Violation a certified elevator inspection company must submit a letter indicating the corrections made and request a re-inspection be made. If the violation is non-hazardous, the certified company may perform it's own inspection and submit an Affirmation of Correction along with a copy of the violation.


For other violation types and more detailed instructions, please see the DOB "Resolving Violations Fact Sheet" located here.

What is the difference between an ECB/OATH Violation and a DOB Violation?

An ECB/OATH, or Environmental Control Board/OATH, Violation is issued by the DOB when "a property does not comply with a part of the New York City Construction Codes and/or Zoning Resolution. There are three classes of Department of Buildings’ ECB Violations: Class 1 (Immediately Hazardous), Class 2 (Major), and Class 3 (Lesser)." 

DOB Violation is a notice that a property is not compliant with some provisions of the law. The violation is entered against the property in the DOB's BIS, and must be corrected before a new or amended Certificate of Occupancy can be obtained.

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